Our Sites

The Ecological Continuity Trust currently supports 30 active experiments at 27 sites in the United Kingdom and our community is constantly growing. There are 38 additional Post-treatment Recovery Experiments (PTREs) where treatments have ceased and the site is accessible for research. A list of all sites on the ECT register can be downloaded here.

Habitat Types

Our sites are covering different habitat types ranging from bog, coastal (dune), grassland, heath, meadow, montane, to woodland ecosystems. Follow the links below for more information on individual sites.



Aberdeenshire Birchwoods, Ainsdale Dune Slacks, Aston Rowant,
Coedydd Aber,
Glen Finglas,
Lady Park Wood,
Marsh Gibbon Farm,
Monk’s Wood,
Moorco, Moor House, Nash’s Field, Newborough, North Wyke Farm Platform, North Wyke (Rowden Plots),
Palace Leas, Peatland-ES-UK, Pwllpeiran,
Somerford Mead,
Tadham & Tealham Moor, Wytham (Gibson)


BIFoR-FACE, Buxton,
Cors Fochno, Henfaes, Pwllpeiran, Tadham & Tealham Moor,
Wytham (RainDrop)


Elan Valley Meadows,
Glas Maol, Moorco, Nash’s Field, Newborough, North Wyke Farm Platform, North Wyke (Rowden Plots), Park Grass, Pwllpeiran, Raisbeck & Pentwyn, Ruabon,
Tadham & Tealham Moor, Thursley Common, Wardlow,
Whim Bog


Bamford Edge, Dale (Marloes Coast),
Denmark Farm (Ceredigion), Pound Hill,
River Ray,
Thursley Common,
Pwllpeiran, Wytham (Gibson)



The map is showing the locations of the 27 sites in the UK which host our current register of 30 active long-term ecological experiments.

There are a further 38 Post-treatment Recovery Experiments, where treatments have ceased but where the site remains accessible for research purposes. For detailed information on these, download our database here.



Conducting Research at Our Sites


As the management and treatment history for long-term experiments are maintained and well documented, they provide excellent opportunities for research. This could build on research previously undertaken at the site, or could investigate an entirely new hypothesis.  

If you are interested in conducting research at any of the sites (active or post-treatment), use the contact details listed on each site page, or contact us directly and we can put you in touch with  the relevant principal investigator. 

Find out how we can help finance your research through our grants scheme.



Does your experiment belong up here?

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