To be eligible for an ECT grant, all specified activities must be undertaken on, or associated with, a long-term experiment (LTE) within the UK that is currently on the ECT register. Please click here for a list of eligible sites.

Grants are provided to fund research and to cover travel costs associated with communicating scientific findings.  The ECT also provides funds to undertake essential maintenance at LTEs, and to assist with data curation activities.

Grant recipients must comply with the ECT Data Policy which is available here.


Small Grants


We provide funds of up to £2000 for research projects undertaken on LTEs that are currently on the ECT register. Funding can be used to cover the following costs:

  • consumables;

  • to facilitate extraordinary work such as supporting visiting scientists, students or public engagement;

  • support for researchers to visit or to facilitate comparative studies between existing long-term ecological experiments;

  • support for data curation activities, including database development and on-line archiving.


Recent Awards:

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Dr jonathan millett - £2000 to help install dipwells and automatic water table depth loggers in plots at the ainsdale dune slacks experiment, west lancashire

dr richard payne - £1000 to cover maintenance and monitoring at CORS FOCHNO, West wales

dr ramesh ningthoujam - £1710 to investigate grass chlorophyll content & leaf area index in response to treatments at nash’s field, silwood park

DR ALTHEA dAVIES - £967 TO INVESTIGATE PROXY GRAZING SIGNALS AT moor house experiment, upper teesdale


Student Grants


We provide funds of up to £2000 to support students undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate research projects at LTEs currently on the ECT register. Funds might be used for:

  • consumables or specialist equipment required for the experimental research;

  • travel and accommodation, enabling students to work on LTEs where no institutional funding exists;

  • travel and accommodation, enabling students to present LTE research at conferences.

Student Grant applications require a personal reference provided by the project supervisor, to be submitted along with the grant application form.

Recent Awards:

buxton climate change impacts laboratory [bccil]

buxton climate change impacts laboratory [bccil]

£1000 has recently been granted to PhD student James Edgerley at Lancaster University to use our Buxton (BCCIL) LTE for his studies on ecosystem responses to changing climate. After the extreme summer drought of 2018, James is investigating whether 25 years of moderate drought and warming will make soil microbial communities more resistant or resilient to extreme weather events.

cors fochno lte, near Aberystwyth, wales

cors fochno lte, near Aberystwyth, wales

An award of £1000 was made last year to PhD student Luke Andrews at York University to use the Cors Fochno LTE for his studies on the effects of climate change on carbon sequestration in peatlands. Following a decade of climate manipulations at this LTE, accurate and continuous monitoring of climatic variables will generate more refined net ecosystem carbon budgets.

dr raj whitlock/Cameron dALY - £1000 TO INVESTIGATE SOIL PROTOZOA RESPONSE

An award of £1000 was made to Dr Raj Whitlock/Cameron Hughes-Daly for a student project investigating the response of soil protozoa to 20 years of simulated climate change at  BCCIL.


Maintenance Grants

We provide grants of up to £3000 to assist with the maintenance and repair of equipment and infrastructure at LTEs currently on the ECT register.

Recent Awards:

data logging at the mossdale site of the peatland-es-uk long-term experiment

data logging at the mossdale site of the peatland-es-uk long-term experiment

An award of £3000 has recently been made to Principal Investigator Andreas Heinemeyer at the University of York for the Peatland-ES-UK LTE in north-west England. The grant will be used to upgrade and replace ageing rhizon peat water samplers. This will enable continuation of seasonal water quality sampling and the support of two PhD projects assessing management and climate impacts on carbon cycling and associated ecosystem services in UK blanket bogs.


How to Apply


Please download and complete the required Grant Application Form. Please also view our grants scoring criteria to help you include the necessary information in your application.

All costs must be clearly justified within the budget section. Any costs that are not justified will not be considered. Please ensure all costs are clearly calculated in GBP (British Sterling).

On completion please e-mail us the application form. Receipt of your application will be acknowledged and we aim to notify applicants if they have been successful or not within two months of receipt.