Join our User Group and we can promote your research 

We want to create a network of stakeholders passionate about long-term experiments (LTEs) and the science that they generate. By joining our User Group, you become a key part of this network and we will keep you up-to-date with developments from the LTE community.

We have created an online space, where those interested in LTEs can find out the latest news from the community. This space will reflect the dynamic work that is being undertaken by the community and encourage the next generation of scientists to consider LTEs as sites for their research. As a member of the User Group, we can promote your updates on this webpage and via our quarterly newsletter and twitter.

Benefits of joining

Among the benefits of joining the LTE user group are:

  • being part of a wider network of individuals that work with LTEs
  • raising the profile of your own research - supply us with a links to your papers or pre-print copies and we can promote these online
  • helping to bridge the divide between different science sectors 
  • participating in knowledge exchange on LTE research and issues affecting their use

How to join

To join, please download and complete the joining from and email to Details you provide are solely to help us understand your interest in LTEs and explore how best we can work with you.

In return for your participation in the group we ask:

  • that you help promote the work of the Ecological Continuity Trust
  • that you endeavor to utilise LTEs both for your own research and for student projects
  • you keep us updated with your research developments, which we can disseminated to the wider group

We look forward to working with you!